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Laser Micro Welding… What can it do for you?

Laser micro welding is an advanced welding technology that gives us some very special capabilities:

  • It can weld tiny parts together…typically parts that can be held in one hand and smaller…down to parts that need to be viewed under a microscope.
  • It can weld right beside heat sensitive components and materials…the energy density of the laser beam is so intense, that it heats only the weld zone and nothing else. Welding can occur in complete comfort and safety with the operator’s bare fingers just millimeters away from the weld seam.
  • It can place weld beads with microscopic precision for intricate assembly operations and repair welding.
  • It can weld many metals…including dissimilar metals together to create strong, nearly invisible joints.

How does it compare to TIG and Plasma welding?

Laser micro welding is suitable for smaller parts than TIG welding, but there is a zone of overlap where both processes are acceptable. A good rule of thumb is:  if you can put the part in your pocket, it’s a candidate for laser micro welding.

TIG welding is faster when the weld is more than a millimeter wide and longer than about a centimeter or so. TIG welding also penetrates more deeply, so laser micro welding is best for small to tiny parts in the “zone of overlap”.

Turn-around time for laser welding is typically very quick.

Mold repair work can be completed within hours or days. Cost and delivery of micro fabrication work in production lots depends on the complexity of the fixturing needed.

Please send information by e-mail for estimates of cost and delivery.