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tiny broach

This is the tool used to make the hex bore in the bevel gear blank shown below. It is ground from High Speed Steel and is 0.090” (approximately 2¼ mm) across the flats at the big end. It is progressive; each tooth removes approximately 0.001” of material, and the guiding elements between teeth keep the broach perfectly centered.

This custom tool was built to solve a concentricity and finish problem with conventional push broaching and wobble broaching.

world’s smallest dovetail cutter

This cutter is 0.062” across the points and is form ground from carbide.

The larger plastic part was modified from a molded part using the dovetail cutter; the smaller part was machined from bar.

200 units were produced using 4 axis CNC milling for product testing.
Implant Mechanix Inc later built two plastic injection molds to produce these parts in quantity. You’re looking at the parts from those molds.

tiny turned plasma nozzle and tooling

Here is the turned part: It is ½” long (about 13 mm) and has a tiny tapered through bore.

And here is the reamer used to make the bore: It is ground in-house from High Speed Steel, has 3 flutes and is 0.022” diameter at the tip (approximately ½ mm).

The reamer inserted into the part

Laser welding the inner tube to the nozzle.

Laser welding the outer tube. For more regarding laser welding, follow this link.


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