Category: Production

Production Wire EDM

These 304 stainless steel parts are used in anti-snoring appliances.
Implant Mechanix cuts these a few hundred at a time on our new wire EDM machine.

Production Laser Welding

Surgical Screwdriver Gears: These are welded in batches of 200 parts per order using a custom fixture to align the parts and present them accurately to the laser beam. They are 17-4 PH stainless steel.

Production Milling

Surgical Screwdriver Handles: These are milled from 6061 T6 aluminum alloy and glass beaded then clear anodised. Lot sizes are typically 200 parts per order.

Production Plastics Milling

Telephone Handsets: These are typical milled plastic parts usually run in lots of several hundred at a time. We mill all manner of plastic enclosures, usually to create openings for cable connectors, switches, displays etc. We have developed a proprietary process to fixture these parts that prevents marring them during machining.

Production Grinding

Surgical Screwdriver Clamps: The material is 303 stainless steel and the lot size is 400 parts. They are form ground 10 at a time in a fixture. (Now replaced with metal injection molded parts)

Production Turning

Brass Collets:These were run in lots of 15 units per the customer’s request. The parts are about 3/4inch long and the material is leaded brass.

Production Sinker EDM

Stainless Steel Screws: These are run in lots of 25 and are burned in the sinker with a single electrode that has 25 “S” shapes milled on it.


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