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Implant Mechanix Inc was founded in 1995 to support my clinical dental practice which was deeply involved in the management of complex dental implant cases.  The company built surgical and prosthetic instruments to manage broken implant screws, obsolete implant systems where parts were unavailable, surgical misadventures where teeth could not be properly attached to the implants, innovative instruments to make dentistry easier, etc etc.

The scope of the company expanded when I retired from clinical practice in 1998 and returned to moldmaking full time.  I added CNC milling in that year, and progressively increased the  range of capability by investing yearly in new equipment and software.  The company is now very well positioned to participate in product development across many product categories…we have customers from such diverse fields as telecommunications, military, fire safety,  outdoor gear,  and, of course, medicine and dentistry.

Our focus is on design of new products and the machine shop is mainly there to support that function.  We are a prototype and low volume production facility (a 1000 part order is a large volume for us) but we are most happy to provide jobbing machining services where our equipment is a good fit for our customers requirements.  Our special areas of expertise are small, complex machined parts and the manufacture of plastic injection molds, both for prototyping and for production.  Please check out our site…if you like what you see, we’d be happy to assist you with your project.