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We are licensed Solidworks, and MasterCam designers, and can work effectively from any starting point; clients who come to us with nothing more than a sketch on a napkin, as well as those who come with a complete set of specifications will find  we have useful expertise to help successfully complete their project.

Our in-house focus is mechanical design; we excel at both design for function and design for esthetics, and use  our CAD/CAM and supporting machine shop extensively, to make protoypes for proof of concept, for marketing campaigns or for engineering evaluation.

We also use traditional carving and shaping techniques where appropriate, to create physical models that can be digitized to generate the final design files once our clients approve them.  Using traditional model making techniques in this way is a fast, versatile and economical way to test for function and esthetics that cannot be easily imitated using CAD design alone, particularly when the product must meet intangible criteria like “look right” or “feel right.”  A physical model can be re-shaped on the spot with the client right there to evaluate it, until the product is “just right.”

We are very experienced in design for plastic injection molding, and offer a full range of services that will give you products that are attractive, functional and economical to make.

We do CAD drawings on demand, for all your RFQ, quality control, and manufacturing needs.

As an added bonus, we do graphic design work for promotional literature or web pages, using a program called Photoworks to quickly create eye catching graphics directly from the Solidworks models.  (The surgical screwdriver artwork on the homepage was created in Photoworks)